Girl who started

Hello guys, I’ve recently decided to start a blog.

And here I’m.

I’m not sure what I should say in the first post but I’m so excited about whole thing. The truth is I tried to do a blog for many times but any of my  blogs wasn’t good at all. But I hope I found the right way and this one could be the good one.

Anyway I should introduce myself a bit. So there’s a few facts about me which I guess will hepl you to know me…

  • I’m huge fan of books, I can’t imagine my life without them
  • I love drawing and I study at art school
  • My biggest dream is traveling

Hah, that’s funny – I said I’ll introduce myself but I don’t know what to say, SORRY.

If you read this you have to be really confused. “This girl seems so weird.” “Why did she started this blog?”

And that’s it. Why did she started this blog? 

I was always a big dreamer and my whole life is made by wishes and dreams. I also have a lot thoughts which I’ve never said loud. Some of them I wrote into my diary but I couldn’t make myself to write periodically. Because I forgot. But if I’ll write it on the internet maybe it’ll be easier. I’m from young generation and internet is my daily thing so there’s some hope for me.

I have a lot things to say and a little hope that someone will listen.

I also want to write about my experiences, what i read, what i do… That’s probably because I love to read about it so I find it interesting.

That’s why this girl started.

Annia xxx






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