People’s faces

Mondays. They’re so annoying. You have to give up your calm and long sleep and then wake up early and go to your school/work… Who would love that, ha?

But this one was different.


Today I volunteered to help with collection for blind people so I got some things made for this collection to sell and I was selling them half of a day. We did this in couples and I had luck and ended with my good friend. Now everything seems so perfect. Good monday, you say. Well it was quite good but also confusing and it brought a lot of thoughts.

I had so much time to see people’s reaction to contribute to collection. I’ll introduce you some kinds of personalities I met today at the first and then I’ll tell you a few experiences with them. Let’s go.

  1. First are kind people who stop and talk and contribute – I enjoyed the moments I met them
  2. Second are people who just smile apologetically and say “No thank you” – It was ok, I take it
  3. Third are people who just give a strange look like and go on – They were really annoying. I was like: “Do you want to contribute to the collection?” and then “Or just go on without saying anything?”
  4. Fourth are people who ignore – I don’t know what to say ’bout them. Big ignore, that’s all.

And that’s it. Course, there were more kinds but these are the basic ones.

As I said, many experiences happened today – funny experiences! I had to wrote them to my notebook to not forget them. Some were nice and some were worser but I love them all. My little experiences… I’ll tell you three of them:

  • My most beloved one is when one poor looking guy comes and gave us just three little coins with saying he doesn’t have more. It goes straight to my hearth. ❤
  • This one is the funny one. There was a guy in his 30ties and he came and said: “I contribute only because you look nice girls otherwise I would have just fuck it.” And he gave us twice more.
  • Last one is the worst but also funny. In this case the woman went around us and said: “Don’t beg they’ll steal it anyway.” – Just WAT. It’s a collection for blind people, old lady…

As you could read today was really interesting for me. I could see many faces of many people and I really enjoyed it. Plus it was for good thing.

There’s link for the page of the collection but it’s only in my language (czech)

Discover the world and you will find more secrets of people’s faces.

As one guy said today – KUKU peeps!

Annia xxx


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