Back to the summer

Hey, I wanted to write something from my summer but it turned to my thoughts during summer, sorry for that. But there’s also few lines about where I’ve been. Enjoy!

This summer changed a lot in my life. I was a girl with problems which were worser and worser and I wasn’t able to stand it. My dissability stole me trust which people had in me, stole my dream to visit France and also stucked me in my mine for some time.

After this I went to a family holiday in a big camp with a lake. Unfortunatly in my country so travel dreams went back to sleep.

Everyday we went to a trip which was so long and annoying. I felt much worser but some moments were really good. My best one was when we visited Hospital Kuks – I love this place really much! Mostly hallways because they are so old and beautiful and all of the outside!


Than summer was nearly ended and I was still deeply catched in my horrible mind. School started and everything went wrong. I didn’t know what to do to keep my life calm and nice. But suddendly I felt like another person (sounds like from a book) and I could start again. I’ve decided to take a break from some people and make my life better.

And I guess it works. Yet.

This was pretty weird, I’m sorry but it was on my mind and I had to write it.

Annia xxx


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