Time went by and things changed

Hey, I bet this post is kinda weird for you but I just wanted to share my thoughts about loosing some people I took like second family. Maybe something similar happened to you. You can tell me if so. xx

When I was younger I couldn’t imagine to leave people with whom I grew up. Even if I changed many things they were always here. I had fun with them, they believed in me and I felt like I could prove I’m not useless. It was damn good feel.

However time went and I did  a mistake. It looked big but in fact it turned everything to a better way. But they don’t believe in me anymore. And I’m afraid they never will again. Now I’m not happy about seeing them. Now I don’t feel like I can have fun with them. I just don’t feel comfortable. I know they’ll never forget it. And I can’t be with them anymore with knowing how they see me. Like that useless girl who did a mistake. I lost them. (Not all of them but most of them)

What I want to say are those things.

  • Stupid mistakes makes your life harder but you have to do them to make it better
  • Also you don’t have to do much to see how people take you

And remember this – As time goes by things change.

Don’t be mad about that. Take it like another chance.

Annia xxx

photo ©Petr Čížek



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