How does the age taste like?

Do you remember your wishes when you were younger? Did they include a wish to be adult? I bet they did.Being adult is just super exciting thing, isn’t  it? You can go wherever you want, do whatever you want and BUY WHAT YOU WANT! Who wouldn’t want it?

And here we go. We grow up and found a part-time job. First little step into our awesome adulthood.

And suddendly it wasn’t that easy.

We had to take off the pink dreamy glasses and take on the real ones.

When I started in my work I realized how different my imagines were. I had to work harder than I expected, without possibility to sit. My legs really hurt.

But by time I changed my mind a bit. I don’t care about standing long because why should I. It wouldn’t help anyway. Sometimes we have to take what we’re getting because everything isn’t just about us. We have to do concessions to make our lifes better.

So close your eyes. Take off your pink glasses. Take on the real ones.

And open your eyes for older yourself.

Annia xxx


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