Christmas is coming..!?!


I wasn’t there for a long time, I’m not  exactly sure why, and even if I didn’t miss anything it makes me feel bad. I said to myself I’m gonna run this blog, I’m gonna create somethin’ like my own world. But now it seems I gave up and that’s literally what I was scared about. It happens all the time – I promised something to myself and than change it to somethin’ easier and than do nothing. I guess I’m too comfortable person and I don’t wanna be. And yeey there comes Christmas and my big opportunity to keep writting on this blog. Christmas is a really specieal festive time, actually my favourite time of the whole yeaar, and I want to share my Christmas mood with everybody! So I’ve already started planning my blogmas posts and watching old vlogmas what my fav youtubers did (to be truth I keep doin’ it almost whole year). My live is absolutelly Christmasy big something  right nowand I’m gonna show ya a piece of it…!

Annia xx


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