Dear Santa…

Hiiiii! It’s 2th December already and today I’m going to share some of my “Christmas wishes”. It’s like – they’re wishes but actually I didn’t ask anybody to give me anything of these things because one of my fav things of Christmas is having absolutely no idea what I’m gonna get. But there are some things I want almost whole time and for what I’m gonna earn my money. The list of things could be endless (I’m just a teenage girl with too much wishes, don’t judge) so I’ll write just a few stuffs with my tips where to get them.

  • Anything what’s HP themed / You know I’m a huuuuge potterhead so anything in common with HP would make me happy (HPshop, Platform934 …)
  • Nicely designed cookbook / I absolutelly love baking or cooking – even if I don’t have much time for it – and I adore that beautiful cookbooks with nice photos. To be honest I don’t like that ones who don’t have any photos so you can’t see how the food should look (Tanya Bakes, Eat Smart, Family classics and a lot more)
  • Socks / I remember the time when I was a little kiddo and having socks under the tree was horrible. Well now I’m literally happy when I get them because you can never have enough socks. (I don’t really mind which one)
  • Books / I work in a bookshop and I can say I’m obsessed with books. And now I would like to read books from Zoella’s book club (WHSmith)
  • Homewere stuffs / I’m that kind of person who could have whole house full of nice but useless things. But I still haven’t reach so high number of those stuffs so I still have right to have more. Mugs, cushions, lights, flowers, candles… It’s endless. (ASDA, Tesco, IKEA…)
  • Electronics / Yeah, even me. In these days you’re more lucky when you have better electronics like phones, ntbs or cameras. And I’m not different. My highest wish I guess is to have some really good ntb with paid Adobe because when I’m studying graphic design it’s really necessary. Don’t wanna sound it bad but I pretty much want Macbook Air – it’s quite nice, easy to take away and I work on Mac at school as well…
  • Art stuffs / I need stuffs for painting and drawing whole year and I would love to get some fancy awesome one but I would like to have basics as well. And I pretty much want stationery stuffs too and I exactly know where from – OH DEER

There we go. Some things are written. More like idea helping stuff…

Bye for today!

Annia xx




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