Gingerbread decorating fail

Ho Ho Ho!

This day is kinda speciall for me. Wanna know why?

Cause it’s (tramtadadaaaaaa) MY 17th BIRTHDAY!!! (But we’re gonna celebrate it later, which means 18th December, with my brother’s birthday)

And the best thing to do is to decorate some gingerbreads. I’m actually writting this right before I’ll start so wish me luck, it’ll be awesome ❤


Guess what happened…

I tried to do a perfect icing. I thought I did. It looked nice, shiny and perfectly white. So I put it into the piping bag and started decorating. I should know that. It just didn’t work. The gingerbreads looked terrible – like from a kiddo not 17 y.o. girl (I really enjoyed to write this number c:). So I tried to do it again with another piping bag and then with another and once again. Not like it worked. Score was – no nice gingerbreads 1 : 1 mess.

Yeah, you should have seen my table. And floor. And everything around me to be honest. Icing was everywhere like if my kitchen was under the snow. But sweet and sticky snow. My hands were sticking and just bleeeah.img_20161204_165836

(I cleaned it for this picture)

Well that’s the way I do them. I guess I need another try.


And they will. Trust me. I caan do it.

(By the way – you know that this girl here is going to Art school, right?)

Okay, okay, I’m done today. Happy Birthday to meh!

Annia xx


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