Top 6 Christmas Movies

Hi guys!

Today I was home quite early and I had some time to rest. There’s snow outside so – what’s on my to do list for resting? Of course – Christmas movies! Yaaas!

They’re like a little memory of my Christmas past. Of my childhood when I was watching TV with one or both of my brothers whole day. Movie after movie we were inhaling the Christmas spirit as much as possible. And today, we do it as well. Nothing change even when we grew up – we watch these movies every year, together…

And I thought I should share some of my most favourite ones with you!

So, let’s get started!


How The Grinch Stole Christmas


Home alone


Andel pane (only in czech I guess)


The polar express


The nightmare before Christmas


Three Wishes for Cinderella


There’re my top 6 (I guess it’s six but too lazy to check it) movies I’ve been watching every Christmas since I was young.They always remind me those festive days I’m looking for right now.

Hope you like some of them as well 🙂


Annia xx


4 thoughts on “Top 6 Christmas Movies

  1. I did a post on my favourite Christmas films, I have never watched ‘Three wishes for Cinderella’ I am going to see if I can gets my hands on it to watch. My favourite is The Polar Exspress and The Grinch


    1. It’s a version of Cinderella but made in Czech Republic. It’s a quite older movie but incredibly beautiful. And the whole action is happening in winter so it’s pretty christmasy for me. I really love it and I guess it was translated to english 🙂


      1. I really enjoy older films and the other day watched a film with Drew Barrymore as Cinderella. I like as well It’s A Wonderful Life which my boyfriend introduced to me just last year. I will have a look online and hopefully find the film 🙂


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