Who’s behind the door?

Good evening!

It’s December the 5 and night is slightly coming onto the town. Blondie girl is shakily waiting for what’s coming. And it’s here. 

Knock! Knock!

Who’s behind the door?

Mom goes to the door and open it. Little blondie girl is right behind her, hiding. Door opens and big black scary head with horns goes inside. It’s a DEVIL – the bad one! He’s followed by a beautiful white shiny ANGEL – that’s the good one. The last one who step inside is St. Nicholas who knows all what you’ve ever done. All good and all bad things. He’s your JUDGE.

“BLLLLEH BLLLEEH BLEEEH!!! Are you scared little girl? You were so naugty! I’m taking you to the hell.” Yells the devil. Blondie girl is literally scared. She wasn’t that bad, was she?

“Don’t worry, you were good girl. You’ll get a treat.” Smiles the angel.Thanks God!

“Okay, let’s check this out, missy.  Hmmm, I can see you did a few bad things but you won’t repeat them, will you? No? I thought so. Come closer, we’ll give you a treat.” Says St.Nicholas and she feels no more fear and goes for some treats….


And this is one of the ways how we spend this day. It’s pretty nice – I mean who don’t like getting treats? dsc_0351

I got some as well and they’re really cute..

All for today, enjoy next week 😉



Annia xx




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