Catch the Atmosphere of Christmas

Hello, Hello, Hello!

Christmas is coming so so fast and it’s alreaady time for feeling as much christmasy as you can. And there’re some tips that could help (or at least I think so). They’re my ways to catch more festive atmosphere, to feel more cozy and stuff.

Catch the Atmosphere of Christmas

  • Buy a tree – that’s the basic one, you definitely need it
  • Make some treats – Christmas are much about festive food (at least for food lovers like me) so you can catch it with treats
  • Go to Christmas town of yours – I absolutely love to see how beautiful my town looks with all these decorations
  • Make yourself some hot chocolate – even if I do it whole year it can bring more nice atmosphere and help you to feel it
  • Decorate your home – It’s something I can live without – it makes your home like Christmas kingdom
  • Gift shopping – Christmas shopping is awesome experience for me every single year. I really enjoy to think about what I’m gonna give to my family or friends
  • Wear cozy clothes – cozy PJ, cozy socks, all the fluffy stuffs ❤
  • Christmas sweaters – Wearing them itself brings Christmas fellings
  • Christmas movies – What to say… Just do it!
  • Christmas carols – Listen to them, sing them…
  • Bake cookies and decorate them – It’s a bit messy but also magical
  • Crafts – Make some decorations, Christmas cards, Gifts or interesting wrapping
  • Have a wonderful time – That’s the most important one. Find time for yourself. Enjoy. And feel Christmas.

That’s some of my ways of Catching Christmas atmosphere 😉 I would be happy if you’ll tell me some of yours.

Annia xx


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