I feel like an empty bottle

“I said nothing for a time, just ran my fingertips along the edge of the human-shaped emptiness that had been left inside me.”  

Hey, it’s me, I’m alive. And also full of thoughts again which I wanna share (or just get rid of them).

Everything seems so blur right now. Is it because of those tears? Where did they come from?

I was overhelmed by everything I was doing last year so I decided to cancel my hobbies for some time. It’s nice – no doubts! – but also I found out I’m just surviving. I used to live, a lot I have to say (not like partying and stuff but just having fun etc) however now I realized I’m standing on a thin ice. I can be overhelmed what’s killing me or I can do nothing what’s killing me as well.

Right now I feel like an empty bottle which someone threw away because he didn’t need it anymore. This bottle used to be full but started to be more and more empty. And in the moment it’s just a trash wanted by nobody. Thats how I feel.

Am I the only one?     

I’m fighting so hard every single minute but why?

What for?

What’s the point of everyone’s life?

I just donť know what to do to be full again but not to overflow. I guess this could be my New Year’s resolution – to find my life purpose.

I know this is a little bit depressive and philosophical but everyone has this time ya know?

Annia xx




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