Employee VS Customer

Související obrázek

When I was younger I always heard how angrily my mom talked about customers (she works in a bookshop – like I do). How they ask about stupid things and do stupid things and how they talk to her (or her colleagues) like she’s just a dirt under their feet. This whole time I was like “Hey, it can’t be that bad, just stop about it mom, it’s annoying!”

Years after I started my part-time job. In a bookshop. The same one in what my mother works. And that’s the time I realized how difficult is to be nice and all to EVERY single person no matter how rude they’re to you. It’s quite sad actually because I would never treat anyone like some of them do.

I have an interesting experience which happened last week and I have to say I wanted to cut this customer’s head off.

It was Saturday and me and my two colleagues were all happy and calm. One woman came to us and asked if she could change the book she bought 10 days ago for someone who already had it. Of course she could, no problem with that.

“Can I return it first, than get my money back and than buy this set throw book club?” (which is a club with 5 publishing houses and everyone in it has special prizes for some books – BUT it also has it’s own special cash box).

“I’m afraid no miss,” said my colleague, ” we can’t give you cash, we just have to switch book for book, sorry.”

It took her a while to understand but okay, no problem with that.

After like 10 minutes she called for my colleague (Clara) if she could give her a book what was higher so she couldn’t reach it. Clara quickly came to her and gave her that book. And after this she started…

“I don’t know if you’re like that to everyone or we just didn’t get along well…”said this lady.

“I guess we just don’t get along well…” answered Clara – clearly confused.

“I have to say you have a really bad behavior, I AM the customer and you have to treat me like that!”

“I’m sorry but what did I do that you think I don’t respect you?”

“You were all rude and when I wanted you to give me that book, you came clearly annoyed what the hell I want. All red in your face!” snapped the lady on her.

“I wasn’t annoyed, you just had to take badly”

“Well I think you’re not good enough for this job, you should find another one!”

“I’m happy here, thank you.”

“Can you give me your name, I’ll tell your boss to train his employees!”


And it continued this way – Clara all polite and lady all rude.

Like seriously?

Do you think it’s normal?

Who is first employee or customer? Or are they on the same line?













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