Culture Reports #1 – František Skála


Artist: Frntišek Skála

Date: 10.03.2017 – 03.09.2017
Place: Waldstein Riding School, Prague

When I first came in touch with František Skála’s work I was like six or seven. My mom bought me a book called The True Story of Cilek And Lida and I was amazed. I still am. Guess I could say F. Skála is one of my favourite artist of all time so when I found out about this exhibition I couldn’t wait. Although I didn’t go to a big opening (even tho I could) and I’ve to say I’m glad I didn’t cuz my friend told me it was absolutely insanely crowded. (Haha no doubts of it!)

I went there with my mom and lil’ bro and I’m 100% sure I’ll go there again. Because why not. I admired every single piece of his work. It was actually focused on his work since 2004 so there were a lot different kinds of things and it made it even more interesting. I was also pleasantly surprised how well placed it was in space. Tbh it’s pretty rare even tho it’s National Gallery there’s always prob like bad lighting and stuff.

Whole exhibition was like world in world. Art speaks to us in many different ways and in there I saw many of them. Many kinds of understanding. Sometimes I felt like I can’t move on from one object to another. It showed different cultures, materials – all in perfect light.

I’m amazed, happy, sad, insecure, deep in thoughts… All from one little exhibition.

Since my dad kinda knows F.S. (because he made some frames for him) I told him to tell him: “Mate, you’re HELL GOOD!”


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