Victim Of The Proms

I became a victim of my friends’ proms  this year.


Usually I’m not much into proms or balls at all. (Probably cuz I can’t dance and I’m to scared of people being too close to me to start learning it.)But this year I have quite a lot friend who graduate and I got a lot invitations to their proms. Tbh I went only to two of them but even THIS is a progress, ha?

I have to admit I really enjoyed it. The atmosphere was super cool and both different.16780398_1195293697258047_2137403954_n

My first friend had his prom in more like family way just how his whole school actually is. It wasn’t big but incredibly funny and the place was cozy and gave me a bit of warm touch. Moderators and teachers were hilarious (moderators were actually kids from younger years) and I had to laugh a lot.


My second friend had it in more like big way. The place was so big and fancy and there were a lot more people. It was absolutelly different yet beautifull. Maybe too crowdy but I enjoyed it anyways. She also had there such a beautifull ceremony – heartbreaking!

Two different proms yet both were awesome experiences. I’m actually happy I was convinced to go there. We’ll see what will happen next year!

dress: Stradivarius | dress: Promod | shoes: Mango 

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