High school sucks, right


Hey. This is more like a post I didn’t wanna write at first but here I am, writting. I change my mind quite ofted, ha? It’s just that many things have happened in last days… Or maybe nothing. You know that feeling when you want to blame something for your numbness but there’s nothing what could do?  Continue reading


I feel like an empty bottle

“I said nothing for a time, just ran my fingertips along the edge of the human-shaped emptiness that had been left inside me.”  

Hey, it’s me, I’m alive. And also full of thoughts again which I wanna share (or just get rid of them).

Everything seems so blur right now. Is it because of those tears? Where did they come from?

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Time went by and things changed

Hey, I bet this post is kinda weird for you but I just wanted to share my thoughts about loosing some people I took like second family. Maybe something similar happened to you. You can tell me if so. xx

When I was younger I couldn’t imagine to leave people with whom I grew up. Even if I changed many things they were always here. I had fun with them, they believed in me and I felt like I could prove I’m not useless. It was damn good feel. Continue reading


Back to the summer

Hey, I wanted to write something from my summer but it turned to my thoughts during summer, sorry for that. But there’s also few lines about where I’ve been. Enjoy!

This summer changed a lot in my life. I was a girl with problems which were worser and worser and I wasn’t able to stand it. My dissability stole me trust which people had in me, stole my dream to visit France and also stucked me in my mine for some time. Continue reading