Victim Of The Proms

I became a victim of my friends’ proms  this year.


Usually I’m not much into proms or balls at all. (Probably cuz I can’t dance and I’m to scared of people being too close to me to start learning it.) Continue reading


Culture Reports #1 – František Skála


Artist: Frntišek Skála

Date: 10.03.2017 – 03.09.2017
Place: Waldstein Riding School, Prague

When I first came in touch with František Skála’s work I was like six or seven. My mom bought me a book called The True Story of Cilek And Lida and I was amazed. I still am. Guess I could say F. Skála is one of my favourite artist of all time so when I found out about this exhibition I couldn’t wait. Although I didn’t go to a big opening (even tho I could) and I’ve to say I’m glad I didn’t cuz my friend told me it was absolutely insanely crowded. (Haha no doubts of it!) Continue reading

Monday meme research

Weekend is gone and I had to think positive. School time and stuff hahaha.

Okay nope. Mondays are pretty boring for me since we do practically nothing in school and when yes it’s PE! Don’t like it at all. And in days like these I need something to cheer me up. Basically I just read some book but… from time to time I open pinterest and search for cool memes!

Btw I’ve to warn you – I have a reaaally bad sence of humor!

Continue reading


Winter Photo Throwback


Winter left so I decided to share a bit of my winter snowy moments throw photos I took, so think of the best things what happened to you this winter.

DSC_0548 Continue reading


Employee VS Customer

Související obrázek

When I was younger I always heard how angrily my mom talked about customers (she works in a bookshop – like I do). How they ask about stupid things and do stupid things and how they talk to her (or her colleagues) like she’s just a dirt under their feet. This whole time I was like “Hey, it can’t be that bad, just stop about it mom, it’s annoying!”

Years after I started my part-time job. In a bookshop. The same one in what my mother works. And that’s the time I realized how difficult is to be nice and all to EVERY single person no matter how rude they’re to you. It’s quite sad actually because I would never treat anyone like some of them do.

I have an interesting experience which happened last week and I have to say I wanted to cut this customer’s head off. Continue reading


Catch the Atmosphere of Christmas

Hello, Hello, Hello!

Christmas is coming so so fast and it’s alreaady time for feeling as much christmasy as you can. And there’re some tips that could help (or at least I think so). They’re my ways to catch more festive atmosphere, to feel more cozy and stuff. Continue reading


My Top 7 Christmas Songs

Good eveniiing!

I actually wrote it today instead of yesterday (which is what I planned) because  I fell asleep literally in the moment I came and woke up today morning. At least I finally had some good sleep. But now I have so many vlogs and posts to check out (yes I’ve to see it today :P) and again it makes me christmasy so theres another “my top…” post, this time ’bout CHRISTMAS SONGS!  Continue reading