I feel like an empty bottle

“I said nothing for a time, just ran my fingertips along the edge of the human-shaped emptiness that had been left inside me.”  

Hey, it’s me, I’m alive. And also full of thoughts again which I wanna share (or just get rid of them).

Everything seems so blur right now. Is it because of those tears? Where did they come from?

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My Top 7 Christmas Songs

Good eveniiing!

I actually wrote it today instead of yesterday (which is what I planned) because  I fell asleep literally in the moment I came and woke up today morning. At least I finally had some good sleep. But now I have so many vlogs and posts to check out (yes I’ve to see it today :P) and again it makes me christmasy so theres another “my top…” post, this time ’bout CHRISTMAS SONGS!  Continue reading

Top 6 Christmas Movies

Hi guys!

Today I was home quite early and I had some time to rest. There’s snow outside so – what’s on my to do list for resting? Of course – Christmas movies! Yaaas!

They’re like a little memory of my Christmas past. Of my childhood when I was watching TV with one or both of my brothers whole day. Movie after movie we were inhaling the Christmas spirit as much as possible. And today, we do it as well. Nothing change even when we grew up – we watch these movies every year, together… Continue reading